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When your refrigerator stops functioning the way it should -- what do you do?

First, you might be able to diagnose the problem by looking for the problematic refrigerator parts. This is usually easy enough to do by backtracking from the surface of the problem. Are any of the visible refrigerator parts no longer working, is the fridge failing to keep to a certain temperature, or is something else out of order?

If you can't figure out what's to blame, call a Berkeley refrigerator repair specialist to go out to your home or place of business and take a look. Our team is known for excellence and has spent endless time helping Berkeley CA consumers get their appliances back into perfect working order. Every refrigerator repair in Berkeley CA we handle is managed the same way. First you give us a call, and then we send a Berkeley CA appliance repair specialist to diagnose your issue. From there, we typically go buy the refrigerator parts in Berkeley CA to complete the repair.

However, we first produce a written estimate for the entire refrigerator repair cost. If you are happy with the estimate -- we will only bill you for the repair, not the service call. You can rest assured that your need for refrigerator repair in Berkeley CA is left in safe hands -- call today to set up an inspection and complete the repair you need. If you are aware of why your fridge has issues, then also let us know what you know.

Best case scenario, you will have described the exact problem and we can grab the part we need to bring with us instead of wasting time running around for the parts for your refrigerator repair.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

All appliances that include temperature controls will demand large amounts of energy. This is no different for refrigerators. If energy consumption seems unnecessarily high, there may be a reason for it. A common issue with refrigerators is the door seal wearing out. If it's not creating a tight seal, cool air can easily get out. This makes the refrigerator use excessive amounts of energy to maintain the cool temperature on the inside. A replacement refrigerator door seal only costs a few dollars and it's easy to install yourself.


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