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Is your washing machine in need of an inspection? Do you require a major washer repair?

Whether it's a simple maintenance job or something more serious, you want to rely on a technician or business that's known to provide quality washer repair in Berkeley CA. We have served the Berkeley CA community for numerous years and have not had any major complaints. Our diverse team of Berkeley washer repair technicians have many decades of experience.

This includes commercial washer repair clientele, such as laundromat owners and property management companies. We ensure that every washer repair in Berkeley CA handled by our professionals is done in the fastest way possible. This begins with booking a service call at your residence or business; we have one of our washer repair technicians come and find out exactly why your washing machine is malfunctioning.

Then we can price out the washer parts in Berkeley CA to give you an estimate on the total cost of the repair. We will only make you pay for the actual cost of the washer parts, and our labor service charge. Either way, you can rest assured that your washing machine will be brought to working order in the most affordable fashion possible if you choose us for your Berkeley CA washer repair needs.

Also, do not worry about whether you think we can fix your washing machine. Our repair technicians have worked on dozens of brand names, and serviced and repaired many vintage models as well. If you are just worried that the repair cost will exceed the repair value, then run the details by us and we will give you a general idea on what your best option is based on the circumstances at-hand.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

It's imperative to check up on your washer hoses every once and a while. Most of the time, a washer will flood due to a leak coming from the hose. This can be prevented if deformities are noticed early enough. Simply examine the hoses that are attached to the back of your washer. Replace the hose if you notice any leaking, cracks, or other types of deformities. If you haven't replaced your washer hose in the last five years, then do so.


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